Friday, May 30, 2014

Balaclava!! - Builder's Parade

Or perhaps we could call it the Box of Manhood...

Balaclava's offering for June 2014 is guaranteed to be classic. For me, it is the gacha set that I never knew I needed. Expect to see these vehicles on Gachatopia when we rebuild parcels in the future!

Each vehicle comes with its own unique prop which you can see clearly in the Gacha Key. You will get a HUD for each vehicle which allows you to change gears, adjust your seat and activate some special functions which are different for each vehicle. Yes people... now you can drive a forklift that actually lifts, a bulldozer that dozes and well... you get the drift.

The design of the vehicles is very stylised. There is beauty in its simplicity which are enhanced by details like sound effects, lights and particle effects - which make the experience incredibly immersive.

We now welcome you to the Templar construction site. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Templar & Son construction company

More toys!
It's been 0 days since last workplace accident
Morbie, morbie... Give me your answer do... on an AWP built for two.

All vehicles and props are from the Balaclava Builder's Parade set. Coming soon for June 2014 Arcade!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fairy Lab

Fairies are incredibly complex. They have all of the intricate internal systems of a human with the addition of magic and delicate wings. The Anya Ohmai fairy that will be sprouting from the Arcade starting June 1st is ticklish to the touch and comes in six varieties. We here at the Fairy Lab recommend taking home at least one of each, as they seem to have formed some sort of clan or flock. They will be happiest rezzed or worn and thrive in environments with lots of human contact. Each fairy comes with a clipboard case file so you can keep track of their health and happiness. CAUTION: Please avoid kicking the machine if you do not get the fairy you want right away.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Blast!

The new 8f8 machine at the Arcade is clearly designed to bring a cool wave through your hot virtual summer, but I could not resist giving one more nod to winter. At the last Gacha Show, iBi, the creator of 8f8, filled us in on what inspires him and where he gets his ideas. I was not surprised to hear his main source is simply...his imagination.You can see that all over this latest release, called Ice Dreams. The design of the gazebo is utterly unique for Second Life and the details of the textures bring everything to life. This machine has FIVE secret items! So have fun discovering all this gacha has to offer at the Arcade starting June 1st. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Arcade is Coming!

The Arcade is less than a week away. The excitement is building like it always does and soon we will all be neck deep in the gacha. After the trading and yardsaling has died down don't forget to unpack your things! This new machine by Mishmish is one you will want to display. A collection of Mishmish style cats adorned with regional outfits and accessories have tons of character and the rares are well worth digging for. The case has a color change interior and the cat companion that attaches to your avatar will speak if you click it.A little mew escapes and you hear him in local "*MishMish* Traveler Kitty - RARE: Morbid Deceit poked my belly" or "*MishMish* Traveler Kitty - RARE: Hey, Morbid Deceit! Let me take a selfie!" There is more to discover about this little guy so head for Mishmish June 1st at The Arcade!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Passing Time

There is a weird silence that occurs a few weeks prior to the Arcade opening, as everyone closes their wallets in anticipation. It has not been easy to save in May however, with events like Collabor88, My Attic and The Dark Style Fair tempting you. This hair by Ploom called Kiera can be found at My Attic. You should see it for yourself because there are lots of great details and braids happening, along with two cute little pull back bows at the side. The dress is by R2 Fashion and can be found at Collabor88. It is a little out of place with this rounds theme but totally worth grabbing. The fit is amazing and the shiny textures are beautiful and fluid. The boots are DRD and are out now at The Dark Style Fair. If you pick up the color Ash, you can tint them almost any color, which is what I have done here. They are worn with Slink High feet. The eyes can be found at Kustom 9. Made by Song, shown here in Peach.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Tormentor

Turns out Harpies used to be these really angelic beautiful winged women and somewhere along the line they turned into ugly, wretched, old lady faced creatures that drag people to the underworld to torment them. Way more interesting if you ask me. These new Azrael Gauntlets by Remarkable Oblivion made me think of Harpies for some reason, maybe the little tuft of feathers or the claw like fingers but I think when you pick these up at the Dark Style Fair you will see they are the Gauntlets with 1000 faces. They come in three colors and have five hand poses on the HUD along with an animation. The animation makes your fingers do that precious evil wriggle only the finest bad guys have mastered. The Dark Style Fair opens on the 17th. Also shown here are items from Aislings Fantasy Gacha Carnival machine, playable until the end of the month.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Battle Break

Battling is brutal! It does awful things to your hair and make up and can ruin a perfectly good pair of stockings. Regular breaks from the battlefield are necessary to maintain your overall look. You can get that look all over the grid this month at events like Fantasy Faire, Fantasy Gacha Carnival and We <3 RP, so there is no excuse not to look fabulous on the field.

Helmet - Remarkable Oblivion - Goblin Helmet RARE - Mainstore
Finger Armor - DRD- Dark Iron Fingerclaws - We <3 RP
Breast Plate - Alchemy - Huntress Top Onyx - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Corset - . a i s l i n g . - Elsa Corset - We <3 RP
Belt - Alchemy - Huntress Belt Onyx - Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sleeping Summer

Enchantment is open and things are a little different this round. The stamp cards are an added bonus to the shopping experience but there are a few stand out works in this round worth grabbing, stamp card or not. One of them is this dress by Annex. I love nude shades and Annex has paired a cage crinoline with a nude color strapless gown. The cage is overgrown with flowers making the whole dress to die for. Will I ever wear it after this photo shoot? Maybe! Summer is just starting to wake up and it seems to me a dress packed with blooms might come in handy. Also, I was able to take my stamp card and grab this hair by Mina for free. It has a full fat pack HUD with lots of great shades. Remarkable Oblivion is framing my face with their new Papillons, soon to be released at We <3 Roleplay. Available in 4 vibrant colors May 4th.