Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gacha Geek

Its the perfect time of the year for the Geeks'n'Nerds Event which opened yesterday. I couldn't help but smile as I entered each store and saw familiar and perhaps now, somewhat classic, pop culture items displayed. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. will find it all at this event. Mixed in are some really cool items like *Second Spaces* geeky powerstrip wires and the 11th Hour: Retro Gaming Console. This girl is all about the gacha however, and while most of the machines there were not new they were totally fitting for the event. Luckily the Gacha Gods were smiling on me today and I received two amazing previews from upcoming Arcade machines. First Remarkable Oblivions Festivat Hats Gacha dropped into my lap and I have to say...if ever you collected antlers it is all over for you. The  Blinking Blitzen RARE is literally the KING of the antlers and perches upon your head with authority. You are going to love the sleigh bell noise they make when you walk and really it was hard to choose which to even wear for this post. The second upcoming Arcade machine shown here is DRD's Jolly Pouches Gacha. This is DRD's first Arcade round and I am really excited for Jaimy Hancroft because she is sure to have a hit on her hands with this release. In this picture I am wearing the Nerd Alert leg pouch. You can combine the pouches by wearing more than one and they are also modifiable in all the right places so you can create a perfect fit. 

Featured Gacha Above

Pillows - Beach Street - Nerdy Pillows - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Books - Hopscotch - How to blow up a Planet RARE - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Darth Vader - Hopscotch - Jammy Dodgers - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Leg Pouch - DRD - Legpouch FEMALE - nerd alert - Coming to December ARCADE
Antlers - Remarkable Oblivion - Festivat - Blinking Blitzen RARE - Coming to December ARCADE

Featured Gacha Below

Hat - Remarkable Oblivion - Festivat - Mistletoe RARE - Coming to December ARCADE
Presents - Mudhoney - Present Gacha - Past ARCADE retired
Snow Globe - A.D.D. Andel - Seasons Snowglobe-Winter Tree - A.D.D. Andel Mainstore
Hair Bow  - [tea.s] - 8 bit heart hair bow RARE - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Bow Tie - [tea.s] - 8 bit heart bow tie - RARE - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Leg Pouches - DRD - Legpouch Male and Female - cozy Christmas - Coming to December ARCADE

And now for something completely different. A little something for the geek boys...

Gacha items:

Wimey: "A Different Kind of High" Shroom (Red) - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Wimey: "A Different Kind of High" Shroom (Green) - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Collage - Welcome Mat - Driods {sic} - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Collage - Welcome Mat - Who - RARE - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Wimey: Bananas Inc Barrel- Geeks'n'Nerds Event
*~*HopScotch*~* Hairy Guy - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
[Tia] Pine Cone Pots -CBOX - 30L Fling Fair

Mr. Nerdtastic is wearing:
{Lemon Tea} Braceface - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
ISON MAN - embossed sweatshirt - M (black) - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
22769 ~ [accessories] Nerd Glasses Black/repaired  - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
Bow Tie - [tea.s] - 8 bit heart bow tie - RARE - Geeks'n'Nerds Event (gacha)
flow . Morcego Pants Black - Liquid Size - .flow Main Store
flow . Morcego Pants  / Belt - Liquid Size - .flow Main Store
[tea.s] Furball's Satchel -M- Geeks'n'Nerds Event
KOSH- COLLIDER - [soot] - Shoetopia

Non gacha background items:
22769 ~ [bauwerk] World Famous Blocks Bench Playful - Geeks'n'Nerds Event
O.M.E.N - Gacha Show - Bear Breakfast - poppink

Gacha Grinch

I might have over dosed a little on Halloween this year because I am having a hard time transitioning into the holiday spirit. The 30L Gacha Fling Fair helped me along however, with some nice new Christmas gachas to launch the season. Some notable machines, Tias winter gacha that has a lot of decorative items and .la petite morte. holiday antlers that are like wearing Christmas on your head. I am not wearing those in this post however because I just finished my submission for the next Madpea hunt which will be making a stop in the Gacha Junky shop. I have decked out my Maladjusted Helmet with lights and ornaments and created this Grinch version for the Holiday Havoc Hunt starting December 1st. Also on the table is the Cheeky Pea Hanukkah set that was set out for the Neighborhood this month. Aside from being really good looking and the menorah having a candle that can be lit for each night, it is really cool to see nice items made for other December holidays. The bag of games has great detail and texturing so grab that up if you can. Finally, I placed what is a really beautiful stack of canvas, stretchers and a painting from the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser. You will also find a great dress from Beetlebones, a gacha by our friend Dita and a bracelet by Remarkable Oblivion there. Well worth the trip for the goods and the cause.  

Rezzable Gacha
Sleigh - Decadent Courtesan - Victorian Sleigh - Rare - 30L Fling Fair
Tree - On  a Lark - Victorian Sleigh - Rare - 30L Fling Fair
Cristmas Decor - Tia - Winter Gacha - 30L Fling Fair
Table - Noctis - Reclaimed Poppy table: ULTRARARE - 30L Fling Fair

Helmet - Gacha Junky - Maladjusted Helmet (grinch) - for Madpea Hunt Dec 1st
Skirt - ISON - side ruffle skirt -XS- (black) - Collabor88
Boots - Candy Doll - Eleanora Pattern All and Solid All Huds - Shoetopia

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoetopia! The Quest for Mens' Shoes....

Shoe shopping for men in SL is usually a brief and limited outing. The very nature of mens shoes means that a single black style can be usually be used for multiple purposes.  For most guys this is it... the equivalent of that grotty pair of sneakers that you have to leash to the cupboard or else it will try to escape.

I can hear the groans already... I know how it is looking for stuff at crowded fairs. You walk through molassses to a new booth. Wait ages for it to rez only to find you've been standing in the middle of a store called Pink Princess Parade surrounded by frilly underpants. So you wander on nonchalantly to the next booth and repeat the process again hoping that manly man store will rez for you.

With this in mind, I went to Shoetopia (Nov 15th-30th) - so anticipated by avatars of the female persuasion there was a veritable trumpeting when it opened and a virtual stampede. When I did finally get in (3 days later) I wasn't disappointed. Not only is it for a worthy cause - Soles4Souls - but it is possibly the finest collection of shoemakers in SL to be assembled in one place.

Look out for:
- Apple Fall Chuckers
- KOSH - Collider Shoes
- Monso My Hiker Boots (with rumpled socks)
- flow. Alpargata - GACHA
- Adjunct Penny Loafers
- Valient Journey boots
- Rachel Breaker's Doopy Boots
- / XIAJ x Tyler Park /Animal Sneakers

As you can see... already a great selection of different styles from some of the best creators in SL.

[Valiant] Journey - Union Boots

Monso - My Hiker Boots - Black

If you like gacha, you will not be disappointed. There are a couple of dedicated gacha sections with unisex items and stuff for guys. Of note, flow has a casual slip on shoe gacha with a nice selection of colours called Alpargata. 7 Emporium and Consignment offer an assortment of shoe related paraphernalia to collect. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see a gacha called Tamagacha pets. This had a selection of tiny cats, nagas, bears, dragons and deranged bunnies that sit on your shoulder and periodically animate.

                                                       Tamagacha Lil Tabby Kitten (RARE)

Hope you have fun perusing the shoe fair. Follow my tips and I'm sure you will find something interesting. Then finally your partner can stop nagging you about the shoes you thought were so awesome that you found in the default SL folder. Yes... you know who you are...

                             (Thanks to Morbid for setting up the scene and snapping this screenshot)

From Shoetopia:
Morbid is wearing [Gos] Bordello - Dita - Black
Lucius is wearing Apple Fall - Chuck - Timber and DCNY Kiss an Angel Tee
In the background - 11th Hour: Planter Wellies - Red from 11th Hour: Planter Wellies GACHA

From Gachatopia Space Park:
-Marmelade- TeaCups & Pots - Candle Holder Cups & Pots

From the Water Lantern Festival: (Hurry ends on the 20th of November!!)
D R O P . Kokedama - B-1
D R O P . Kokedama - C-1
D R O P . Kokedama - A-1

From Past Arcades:
(Rosa) Pwnie Holding ~silentsparrow~ RARE
Tee*fy Bunny with Sheep Hat (RARE)
*MishMish* Chipmunk - With Butterfly
Full Oh Mai Animal Spice Jar collection
+Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Squirrel) RARE
A.D.D.Andel! Seasons Snowglobe-Rainbow Sunshine RARE
(NO) Doll Head Vase - Cherry
[ARIA] Oolong Teacup Planter  Vanda Orchid- Cyan
!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Cupid]
AF Potted Plant (Exotic)
Trompe Loeil - Mason Jar with Electric Candle
{vespertine- fabric bird-sleepy owl/teal} RARE

Other Gacha:
[W] Keep Calm and Hug Werewolf  Poster

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gacha Pin Up!

November has brought us some most excellent Gacha in some unlikely places. Shoetopia shines with four dedicated gacha areas showcasing some new favorites on the gacha scene, 7 Emporium and Consignment. Event wise for November, Rockabilly Fashion Fair and Shoetopia are the clear winners for me. If you cant get into Shoetopia yet, take another run through Rockabilly, lots of items are event exclusives and you won't want to be kicking yourself after it closes on the 24th.

Lanterns - Zenith - Water Lantern Gacha - Water Lantern Festival
Cobblers Items - Consignment - Cobblers Room Gacha - Shoetopia
Rainbow Wall Art - A.D.D. - Wall Art Gacha - Shoetopia
Clocks and Signs - 7 Emporium - Gacha - Shoetopia
Clock Bag - Zenith - Timeless Gacha - The Chapter Four
Poloroid Items - tea.s - Captured Memories Gacha - Shoetopia
Chia Pets - DROP - Kokedama Gacha - Water Lantern Festival
Necklace - ATTIC - Vintage Watch Gacha - Kustom9 Event

Non Gacha
Globe - The Gacha Show! - Gacha Globe Award O.M.E.N. - Gachatopia Creators Studio Event
Boots - Candy Doll - Eleanora Boots - Shoetopia
Shorts - DeeTaleZ - High Waisted Shorts Sailor Blue - Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Top - Nevermind - Knotted Top - Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Tattoo - Zentro - TRFF Tattoo - Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Makeup - Pink Acid - Camille Lips - Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Hat - Remarkable Oblivion - Paragon Cap - The Mens Department