Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Collabor88

It seems like only a few rounds ago we were all dressing up for the last C88 birthday round with all of the great vintage clothing. This round is going to be Greek inspired with all sorts of variations on the theme and also some classic must haves like the letter set from Seven Emporium. Now look close at these because they are not like ones previously released. The wall version of this set is an utter necessity if you own any kind of sim or business. This simple lettering will go a long way as it is resizable and has a color change option.

Take to the sky with Flowey, she has released the Throne of Smite an attachable chair that allows you to hover around above the crowd and looking down in judgement. Also released is this Bolt of Smite which will fire real thunderbolts in case anyone challenges your right to the throne.

Get your Medium Slink feet ready Remarkable Oblivion has tried their hand at the cobble and produced these super chunk wedges in three natural shades. If you love a big shoe these will delight you to no end. This is also their maiden run in Collabor88 and I hope not their last.

Also in this picture a killer release from Spellbound. Does this creator EVER fail at hair?...nope. Jezebel is a brand new in store release and is full of body and style. The vest is from Fantasy Gacha Carnival and made by Pixicat.The hip bag is Remarkable Oblivion for Mens Dept. What a fantastic month of shopping!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Gachatopia!

Gachatopia opened one year ago this month. I will never forget the day we opened and people poured in looking around wondering what the heck this place was going to be. It was hard to explain because it was just an idea. A place for all things gacha, is all we could really say. There was no one renting and no one in the group but gacha fans flooded over the sim and most of them never left. Many of the original members of the community have become good friends and we are proud to say that one year later, that community has grown to one of the largest, most active gacha communities in Second Life.

Gachatopia celebrates this month with some great gifts and two amazing Gacha Shows. Saturday the 2nd at 2pm slt we have the colorful Katat0nik here for an interview. She has made everyone this little fox plushie you see in these images. Everyone who attends will get one. Speaking of Gacha Show gifts, we are releasing some past gifts out into the Gachatopia community via free raffles over the course of the month to celebrate. If you missed a past show, join the Gachatopia chat group, you may just get lucky and win!

Another important and loved part of Gachatopia are the creators who have supported us and joined in the fun here over the past year. We are always humbled when they take the time out to participate in our crazy ideas. The Gacha Show is just the beginning. We have something planned for fall that involves 50 of the best creators in Second Life called TAG! Gacha we think you will all love. One of those creators Jaimy Hancroft of DRD has made us a special gift for our first anniversary. The gacha machine backpack you see in these photos can be found in the notices of the Gachatopia chat group for the rest of the month.

Happy Birthday Gachatopians! Thank you for an amazing year!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Adorable Summer

July wraps up with great things from Mishmish, Junk, Oyasumi and Half Deer. The Seasons Story set the stage for a summer on the farm. You can still find these great pieces from Junk like this tractor table and fresh milk sign. The structure I am in is from the Oyasumi gacha at Seasons Story as well. But the real gacha star there is Half Deers Pygmy goat gacha. You can play the rezzable ones or the wearable shoulder pet...but we know you will play both! Once you have picked up your pygmys head over to the Dreamers Factory for more Half Deer delights like these lovely Starry Twilight ears and horns. No one does horns like Half Deer. You can also pick up the cute deer face tattoo in her mainstore. Don't go drifting off however before playing the Mishmish Candy Fluffz gacha. These adorable poofs will hover around you looking sweet. Finally the cotton candy machine of all cotton candy machines! Choose from three colors and let Mishmish serve you up some spun sugar in pink or mint. As Aime would say, so beaut!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Sweetness

The Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival starts today at noon. This is the third festival here that features sweets made by a variety of different creators. The donuts are all 40L and most are trans so you can share the love. Some of them have a really cute animation that lets you hold the donut on your pointer finger. Divine! 

Also, I must mention the Hair Fair, because it is on again and helping that incredible cause Wigs for Kids. It is nice to feel good about shopping in Second Life and this event gives you lots to feel good about. This hair I am wearing is from Adoness. You have to check out the full head to appreciate the artistry of this hair. The shaved tattoo layer is done really well (because lets face it those can look so very wrong) and features an awesome scalp tattoo in the perfect shade. The hair itself has a glam punk look I could not resist...I bought every style happily as 20% of my purchase went to help real kids in need. Luke is wearing hair from Exile called High and Dry also available at the Hair Fair. Luke's clothing is from the Men's Department.