Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Familiar

May will bring us another round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. There are all of the familiar things this round and then there are the extraordinary. So many of us are becoming more savvy about how we spend our gacha linden but your wallet will not be safe at the Aisling machine. In typical form Aisling shows no mercy and offers up an Ultra Rare Headdress ablaze with feathers and a HUD that offers infinite color options for every detail.The entire collection is worth playing for and that is really what we look for in a machine.
Fantasy Gacha Carnival Opens May 4th

Thursday, April 10, 2014

White Walker

Just had to do a quick post with the PFC Dragonslayer gacha set (in Iron) available from The Secret Affair. Here's my version of a white walker... I was inspired by their menacing appearance and ethereal blue eyes.

PFC Dragonslayer Gacha at The Secret Affair
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Belt (iron)
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Tiara (iron) RARE
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Necklace
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Bracer (iron)
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Skull arm
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Claw

Also wearing non Gacha items from PFC:
PFC - Reaper
PFC - Slayer (DCS Weapon)

Petit Hair by Tableau Vivant - Arcade March 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Secret Affair - Game of Thrones (For men)

The Secret Affair may be a small cosy event compared to some but it has certainly raised the bar in what is achievable in SL contentwise. This round opened with the highly anticipated Game of Thrones theme and many of the creators were pushing the limits of SL's latest advances in mesh and materials. In top form were creators like Alchemy and aisling - with really stunning works of art masquerading as wearable assessories. [Tia] made an amazingly detailed iron throne with an astonishingly low prim count and Fanatik excelled again with an architectural structure simply named Tower.

For me, it was refreshing to see items that men could actually use. PFC and Enigma created items geared more towards men if not at least for unisex purposes. DRD also produced a fun unisex machine. After all, who doesn't want to wave a Stark head about!

And what is Game of Thrones without the dragons..? Alchemy's animated wyrmling is a must have. It is beautifully modelled, textured and animated. In some ways I am glad it is not a gacha, for I would be sinking big bucks into the machine to collect them all otherwise. If you prefer something more edgy (and spikey), play DRD's gacha for the rare animated dragon. Even Bauwerk has a shoulder dragon gacha on offer. If you want something cute, play yumyum's Baby Dragon gacha.

I could keep waxing lyrical about every single creator involved in the event but a picture says a thousand words. Take a look and make sure you visit the event before it closes at the end of the month. You may regret it if you don't... for winter is coming (well, in Australia it is...)

Jon Snow and Ghost
Close up of Sigil Ring

Closeup of dire wolf brooch
Jon is wearing:
(The Secret Affair - Non-Gacha)
Stitched - Athalos tunic and Bran pants/boots
PFC~Northern Cape - winter
AZOURY - Stark Boots (Black) - note they only work in the outfit for static poses only. This is because I wore them over the Stitched boots.

(The Secret Affair - Gacha)
[Tia] House brooch - Direwolf - (Boxed) - rare
:Enigma: Heaven Gold White Shield (rare)
[The Forge] GoT Rings, (House Stark)

Alchemy - Fenris The Great Wolf - Snow - from the Red Riding Hood Enchanted event
[EZ] Longclaw Sword - EZ Weaponry

Drogo and Wyrmling

More wyrmling detail
Drogo wears:
Pure Poison - Khal Drogo - Black and Brown (Rare) - Arms and Belt

(The Secret Affair -Non gacha)
Alchemy - Wyrmling - Animated pet - Black

Redemption outfit by [The Forge]

Monday, April 7, 2014

Seasons Story - Thumbelina

"Within the flower, upon the green velvet stamens, sat a very delicate and graceful little maiden. She was scarcely half as long as a thumb, and they gave her the name of "Thumbelina," or Tiny, because she was so small."Hans Christian Andersen

I love events with themes even if the products are not directly related, its the sets that really sell me on everything offered there. This coming Seasons Story theme is Thumbelina, that sweet tale of a woman that desired a child and was given a piece of barleycorn to plant in a pot. The sim is as beautiful as ever and much thought and planning has gone into its performance, as much as can be expected. Naturally, like every round of this popular event, access will be difficult the first few days but here is some of what you will find there. Tram! I have such love for this brand and this new hair is a total treasure. D314 is shown here in cork. Zenith has a few offerings one is a cute straw hat that I shrunk a bit and there is also a lovely gacha there mentioned below. They are decorated plastic egg bags with tons of detail, perfect for spring. LEONARD! is the creator of the loose dress I am wearing. A wonderful casual dress in solid colors. NEO is offering leg tattoos which are a nice change from the big thigh oval tattoos we have been seeing so much of. This one is Glory Swan in black. Keke has a pretty offering this round of delicate water misters and vases like the one I am holding in floral. Seasons Story opens on the 10th of April.

Messanger Bag - / XIAJ / Meimei Satchel + dull
Egg Bag - =Zenith=Cream & Tiffany Plastic Egg Necklace Bag

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Secret Affair - Game of Thrones

Its the big day, the premiere for HBO's Game of Thrones new season and the opening of The Secret Affair here in Second Life. There is no shortage of GOT items to be had at this small but significant event that opens today at 12pm slt. The event coordinator went with quality and keenly focused content. The result is an event with items that fans will love and role players will splurge on to embellish their scenes and surroundings. One of the more expensive items is this build by Fanatik Architecture, simply titled TOWER. The tower and the floating rock beneath will set you back three thousand linden but I suspect many Game of Thrones fans will walk through this and feel how it can immerse you in RP. To me it feels very much like the tower that the Lanister lovers tossed the Stark boy from. The textures and tones of this build are exactly what everyone has come to expect in this leading brand and there is no shortage of old world mood in these walls.
Also featured here is a golden dragon by O.M.E.N, a steal at 55 linden. Other non gacha here includes a gorgeous dress by Peqe and an iron throne by TIA. Neither of them easy to see completely but you will not miss them when you get there. The skin I am wearing is by Birdy, called Daenerys skin in biscuit. It has all of the usually fabulous rendering we have come to know from Birdy. 

Headress - Alchemy - Mother of Dragons - ULTRA RARE
Armbands - Pure Poison - Khal Drogo- Arms - Black & Brown - RARE
Belt - Pure Poison - Khal Drogo - Belt - Black & Brown - RARE