Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Boys of Summer

I'm a child of the 80s and 90s - the time when Guns and Roses ruled the earth, Aerosmith showed us how to Walk this Way and giant hair, bare chests and tight pants were the measure of masculinity. I was glad to find these items at the Boys of Summer shopping event amongst all the bermuda shorts, tanktops and tattoos. Notable creators for men like Aitui, Razor, Legal Insanity, Damselfly and Eltham have a presence at the event. I discovered a few names, unfamiliar to myself like Bade - with more options for men's hair. I rediscovered Goth 1c0 - an old favourite, which I had forgotten about when mesh became the rage in SL and was glad to see the brand was now made with mesh.

And of course, for the gacha mad amongst you.... there is Gacha!

*~*Damselfly*~*Bram Rigged Mesh Hair
Goth1c0: Kang Loose Vest - Knitted Black
Goth1c0: Chaser - Stripes
AITUI - Rocker Bracelet - Black, v1  (Click Resize)
Meva Black Teeth Necklace
:Diamante: To Hell & Back - MESH Skull Septum Piercing
DAPPA - Basilisk Tattoo
Kenvie - vintage Goggles GACHA - Red
IE - Streetwise - Pose

Visit the Boys of Summer at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/140/104/26

Friday, June 12, 2015

BBQ Hero

I couldn't resist making this post so I'll make it short and sweet. I have a love of BBQ parties in RL so this was a great way to bring this into SL.

Showing off Sari-Sari's BBQ party set from The Arcade June 2015:
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Veggie Grill RARE
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Charcoal
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Table with Dishes
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Bar Stool (white)
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Bar Stool (black)
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Tomato Salad
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Burgers RARE
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - BBQ Sauces
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Napkins
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Fruit Stand
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Parasol
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Bar (short)
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Lemonade
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Beer Crate
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Bottle Opener
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Cactus 1 +2
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Snake Plant 2 (big)
Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Snake Plant 1 +2 (small)

Other Gacha items:
17 - 8f8 - Green Grocers - Street Lamp from The Arcade June 2015
Toro. Spatula Husband Defense System RARE

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Great Outdoors

Casa Del Shai's machine for June 2015 Arcade celebrates the great outdoors. It complements her machine from March 2015 Arcade: The Mountain Man Collective. Packed full of essentials for the rugged outdoor man, the highlight of the machine are the two RARES - *Shai* Vintage Rucksack in black and brown.

Vintage Rucksack Black RARE

Pictured items from Shai's Let's Sleep under the Stars tonight Set:
- *Shai* Fire Spit with Cast Iron Kettle
- *Shai* Sleeping Bag Blue
- *Shai* Sleeping Bag Black
- *Shai* Army Blanket Blue
- *Shai* Vintage Rucksack Brown - RARE
- *Shai* Brown Tin Cup
- *Shai* Blue Tin Cup
- *Shai* Rope Coil
- *Shai* Miniature Pickaxe
- *Shai* Miniature Shovel
- *Shai* Cast Iron Pan with Egg
- *Shai* Walking Stick

- *Shai* Trapper Hat Black Rare (Shai Mountain Man Collective - Arcade March 2015)
- [ kunst ] - Wire ring - The Men's Department (June 2015)
- [LJ] Snacky Style #07 - T-Bone Ring (Arcade June 2015)
- HUNTSMAN Jacket w/Shirt (Plaid) - ColdAsh (TMD - March 2015)

If leaping from tree to tree as they float along the rivers of British Columbia are not your thing, consider a more transcendental existence with Soy's Our Secret Camp. Channel your inner hippy and discover the meaning of life in this spiritual space.

If you set it up right, you might tempt someone to leave their beach shack to join you....

Pictured items from Soy's Our Secret Camp:
- Soy. OSC- MOROCCAN POUF - leather
- Soy. OSC- RUG - Mandala
- Soy. OSC- HANGING FABRIC - Butterfly
- Soy. OSC- HANGING FABRIC - Ganesha

Other items:
- R(S)W Mannydrake the Magnificent RARE
- Zaara [Goa party] : 23 Weed Joint
- .Loud Mouth. - Carlos v1.5

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shroomin Gacha

There was a time in SL that searching for anything bohemian was a drag. It just didn't exist, at least anything of real quality. Now between events like Uber and Shiny Shabby one can start to build the bohemian paradise they have always wanted to escape to. Until recently, there was something missing in the equation, something that any true hippie, who knows why all of those groovy patterns and colors are so appealing, might still be itching for...psychedelics and the pot to ease you in and out of your trip. 

Thanks to the new Zaara collection at the Arcade, your bohemian dream is complete. Settle down in your beach shack now and spark up. Second Life gacha has the Kind.

Dreads - Boon - Mainstore
Head Jewel - .Shi : Maang Tikka - Uber
Joint - Zaara [Goa party] gacha: Weed Joint - Arcade
Necklace - Zaara [Goa party] gacha: Rudraksh necklace - Arcade
Top - Tee*fy Aanya Wrapped Top - Uber
Tattoo - antielle. Hyaku Monogatari - Mainstore
Bracelets - Zaara [Goa party] gacha: Friendship bracelet - Arcade
Pants - Zaara : Arpora Fisherman's Pants (fitted mesh) *eggplant* - Arcade

Hut - Zaara : Palolem beach shack RARE - Arcade
Poster - Zaara [Goa party] : Poster *shiva trance* - Arcade
Wall hanging - junk. sari wall hanging. two. - Uber
Pillows - junk. oversized wall cushions. - Uber
Plant - Zaara [Goa party] : Cannabis plant - Arcade
Lounger - junk. gila hanging lounger. adult. - Uber
Bowl - Soy. OSC- SINGING BOWL - Arcade
Incense Stand - Soy. OSC- INCENSE STAND - Arcade
Shrooms and Buds - Zaara [Goa party] : Shrooms etc. - Arcade
Table - Zaara [Goa party] : Plank table - Arcade
Rug - Soy. OSC- RUG - Mandala - Arcade
Candles - Soy. OSC- TWIG CANDLE - Arcade