Friday, May 30, 2014

Balaclava!! - Builder's Parade

Or perhaps we could call it the Box of Manhood...

Balaclava's offering for June 2014 is guaranteed to be classic. For me, it is the gacha set that I never knew I needed. Expect to see these vehicles on Gachatopia when we rebuild parcels in the future!

Each vehicle comes with its own unique prop which you can see clearly in the Gacha Key. You will get a HUD for each vehicle which allows you to change gears, adjust your seat and activate some special functions which are different for each vehicle. Yes people... now you can drive a forklift that actually lifts, a bulldozer that dozes and well... you get the drift.

The design of the vehicles is very stylised. There is beauty in its simplicity which are enhanced by details like sound effects, lights and particle effects - which make the experience incredibly immersive.

We now welcome you to the Templar construction site. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Templar & Son construction company

More toys!
It's been 0 days since last workplace accident
Morbie, morbie... Give me your answer do... on an AWP built for two.

All vehicles and props are from the Balaclava Builder's Parade set. Coming soon for June 2014 Arcade!

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