Thursday, May 8, 2014

Battle Break

Battling is brutal! It does awful things to your hair and make up and can ruin a perfectly good pair of stockings. Regular breaks from the battlefield are necessary to maintain your overall look. You can get that look all over the grid this month at events like Fantasy Faire, Fantasy Gacha Carnival and We <3 RP, so there is no excuse not to look fabulous on the field.

Helmet - Remarkable Oblivion - Goblin Helmet RARE - Mainstore
Finger Armor - DRD- Dark Iron Fingerclaws - We <3 RP
Breast Plate - Alchemy - Huntress Top Onyx - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Corset - . a i s l i n g . - Elsa Corset - We <3 RP
Belt - Alchemy - Huntress Belt Onyx - Fantasy Gacha Carnival


  1. i like where u get the cigarette tysm

    1. Thanks anon! The machine is from 7 Emporium
      The handheld is from Nikotin

    2. Thank you so much<3<3<3