Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Tormentor

Turns out Harpies used to be these really angelic beautiful winged women and somewhere along the line they turned into ugly, wretched, old lady faced creatures that drag people to the underworld to torment them. Way more interesting if you ask me. These new Azrael Gauntlets by Remarkable Oblivion made me think of Harpies for some reason, maybe the little tuft of feathers or the claw like fingers but I think when you pick these up at the Dark Style Fair you will see they are the Gauntlets with 1000 faces. They come in three colors and have five hand poses on the HUD along with an animation. The animation makes your fingers do that precious evil wriggle only the finest bad guys have mastered. The Dark Style Fair opens on the 17th. Also shown here are items from Aislings Fantasy Gacha Carnival machine, playable until the end of the month.

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