Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tough Love

I got to thinking about these new Remarkable Oblivion horns and how brilliant they are. Those two over at RO always seem to make something that isn't just high quality but has a lot of substance! It takes a lot of failed shots to get it right in love and why not make some horns with your busted arrows of love? Valentines Day is around the corner so be prepared and grab a pair of these from Fameshed, which opens tomorrow.

Mens Only Gacha!
They are doing it again! MOG2 opens up February 1st with lots of new names added to the roster. I am sporting a totally offensive shirt by Tattoart that is a must have for any manly man! I am also using one of the poses from Stakey's gacha machine. Five put up your dukes stands that even us ladies need now and then!

Non Gacha
Horns - RO - Cherubim Horns - Cupid Red - Fameshed!

Gacha from MOG2
Pose - STAKEY - TKO RARE - Mens Only Gacha

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chinese New Year Festival

Chinese New Year hits Second Life on Friday and you dont want to miss the CNY Festival! You will find items from names like Oyasumi, Half Deer and 8f8. There is a Gacha by Xiaj that has dragon hats and a Rare with poses but the package is what won me over. Each gacha item is packaged in a Chinese rattle drum with a great animation. But be careful while you are unpacking or you will remove the script and animation from the non modifiable package and lose your groovy drum! Other gachas include an animal mailbox gacha by 8f8 and a Chinese lantern gacha by CX that are really beautiful. Also shown here are some pieces from Oyasumi's other gachas at Kustom9 and Seasons Story. Keep an eye on this amazing new creator, he has more great gacha coming soon! 
CNY Festival Opens January 31st.

Drum - Package from / XIAJ / Gacha - CNY Festival
Lantern - [CX] Chinese Lantern (2014 Horse) RARE - CNY Festival
Mailbox - 8f8_ZODIACs - HORSE Mailbox - CNY Festival
Stool - oyasumi / explorers stool / RARE - Seasons Story
Necklace - oyasumi / pendant necklace / gold - Kustom9
Non Gacha
Cabinet - oyasumi / chinese cabinet / black - CNY Festival
Cups - [Breno]Hot n Sour Soup - CNY Festival

Monday, January 27, 2014

Reds Wardrobe

Three looks from the upcoming Enchanted Event. All outfits have:
 Boots -DRD- post apoc nerd stompers coal - Mainstore
Hat - Little Tasta - Fur Hat W/Horns- Goat Ultra Rare - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Skin - Birdy - Red skin ~Peaches~ (Limited edition Enchanted)
Hair - lamb - White Chalk (Mesh) - Obsidian - Collabor88
Mouth - NikotiN - Vapor Cig - Project Limited

Cape - Zibska - Reprisal ~ Red ~ Cloak
Axe - Zibska - Reprisal ~ Wolfintor
Dress - la petite morte - lil red dress

Cape - Aii - + The Red Cloak +
Basket - tea.s - Little Red's Basket - White
Dress - ANE - Afrodita Dress

Sweater - Beetlebones - Little Red Hoodie Sweater Red
Bag - Les Petits Details - *Little Red* Bag
Dress - Beetlebones - Little Red Mini Dress - White

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reds Pet

She did not resist. She collared him. 
The next round of Enchanted opens February 1st. Items shown here from Enchanted are, The Shadowing Wolf by Aii. This a rezzable floating and ominous figure with black smoke particles at the feet. Also by Aii, the glowing eyes on my avatar. Hood and dress ensemble by la petite morte. Sweater by Beetlebones. Eye makeup, Lips and pose by elephante poses. All of those items are only available at Enchanted Red Riding Hood. Then they are gone for good! You can get into this event early by joining the update group inworld. Finally, the crown. It resides in the ieQED gacha machine at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. February is earmarked for Fantasy.


Paws Off!

The Cupcake Festival at Atelier Kreslo! These are only SOME of the cupcakes you will find at the cupcake festival over at Atelier Kreslo. Very low LI but highly detailed sweets await you for only 40L each.

Outfit Available At Fantasy Gacha Carnival February 1st

Neko Stuff - .tsg. Neko Cosplay Ears Headband, Paws and clip on tail in "Boots"
Collar and Lolita - .tsg. Cosplay Collar and Lolita Add On French Maid RARE
Pink Kimono Top - [FubuutsuDou]  - Yukata - Pink RARE

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goblin Girl

Anyone who knows me well...and now I guess whoever reads this too...knows I love a helmet. There is not much to say about this one. I have no fancy picture to offer either. The helmet steals the show. Another terribly amazing offering from Remarkable Oblivion. Available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival on February 1st. I took this shot on our home region. Just a girl and her helmet.


This look incorporates gacha from the three largest gacha events on the grid. DRD Creature Legs Gacha, Aisling Faranth Gacha and Hopscotch Get Your Geek On Gacha, come together to make this dragon queen ensemble. OMG gacha is still open and there is time to play the DRD gacha which is exclusive and will be gone when the event closes. The Aisling crown from Fantasy Gacha is the only one in the machine but is well worth digging for. A hud adds the versatility to make the horns and hardware anything from deeply evil to sweetly ethereal. The Hopscotch machine is long gone from the June 2013 Arcade, but you can play it at the Hopscotch store.Taken at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival sim which opens February 1st.

Legs - -DRD- creature legs -Satan's vengeance  RARE - OMG gacha
Jewels - Aisling Faranth Gacha all gold pieces and EPIC crown - Fantasy Gacha February Round
Wings - *~*HopScotch*~* Mother of Dragons Wings - Mainstore
Skin - MIASNOW Skin - DEVILdoll - Marketplace

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Enchanted Fantasy

I headed over to the Fantasy Gacha sim, which is still in set up mode, to take this shot. The event is as big as ever but has a new layout and sim build you are going to really enjoy. The machines are set up in a long line that circles the sim and right down the middle is a large canyon. If you can tear your attention from the machines long enough you will see it is lined with houses down there with really nice water ways and animals walking about. Those first few days wont allow you to experience it very well, so make sure to head back when things quiet down and have a good look around. 

I am also REALLY excited for Enchantment this round. The theme is Little Red Riding Hood and the previews so far are to die for. There are no Gacha allowed at the event but MANY of our favorite gacha makers will have exclusive items there. In this picture I am wearing the outfit Beetlebones is releasing for the event, which opens on the first. The dress is sweet but the prepared to own and love this for a very long time. The hood in the back is perfectly slumped on your back. I am also really loving that Sue took a casual modern approach and made something totally wearable in your everyday second life, but is completely on point for the theme. The sweater and dress come in a pack and have a color change on click. Black, Red, White and Grey options. Below is the gacha featured in this post. All available February 1st at Fantasy Gacha.

Weapon - Primus Glace' Mallet 5.5 (rainbow bright) <Ultra Rare>
Necklace - :: Axix :: Voodoo Necklace F [Red Roses]
Boots - Yasum*MESH*Combat Trash Boots*
Hat - [LJ] Traveler's Hat  - Patchwork (RARE)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The next round of Fantasy Gacha is coming up February 1st. If you dont know what this event is you are in for a treat. This is not the cute cuddly gacha event you have come to expect, but rather one that transports you with every machine. Here you will find machines for slaves, warriors, fae, royalty, magicians, cyborgs, wanderers, demons, misfits.... you get the idea. For those of us that role play in Second Life, this event has become a major shopping source as some of the best creators flex their gacha muscle and make exclusive content. I picked out a few items from the upcoming event that caught my imagination. 

Featured here is Enfant Terrible with "A Midsummer Nights Dream" gacha. This is for the woodnymph at heart, as it leaves you dressed with objects you would find or craft from the floor of a forest. I have some dark whimsy on my head and knee using pieces from ANC's machine called "Lapin Wear" The items from this machine could cross over into several genres of role play or just be used in your everyday wear. A very versatile collection. I am also wearing Yasum. I often look forward to what this creator comes up with, and this round she does not disappoint with a Steam Ball dress and a pair of leggings that has an artificial thigh. The great thing about her work is you can build on it from all of her past machines, which are out in her mainstore. This is only a small fraction of what is coming up, February 1st at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Ears - {anc} "lapin.wear / headribbon.satin  /RARE - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Crown - .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Flowerband RARE - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Mouth - Yasum*Partet Lips *Pierced Tongue*Gacha Special GIFT - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Necklace - oyasumi / knife necklace / black - Kustom9
Staff - .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Staff Silver ULTRA RARE - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Plushie - {anc} "lapin.wear / No.3 - - Fantasy Gacha Opening Feb. 1st!
Bracelet - .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Apple Bracelet mixed - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Dress - Yasum*MESH*Steam Ball Dress* - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Leggings - Yasum*MESH*Space Steam Leggings*RARE* - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cactus Cuddle

This months first Gacha Show at Gachatopia was with Beetlebones creator Suetabulous Yootz. She made us this exclusive Gachatopia cactus pet that I just cant stop playing with. It begs to be cuddled and held but in the end it is just a prickly guy that prefers to sit around looking disgruntled. If you love this guy join the Gachatopia group in world. I will be passing out some extras I have now and then as a give away or prize during auctions and countdown parties. Also have a look at Collabor88 this round for the Flowey pose and blonde Lamb hair I am wearing. It is pretty spectacular. Boots are new by DRD and great for stomping about.

Friday, January 3, 2014

OMG! Hidden Gacha!

With so much to choose from at OMG this month, you may have over looked a few things! While you were all clicking away at the Bunny Teacup machine, clearly the event favorite, I found the Vintage Radio machine by Bubble. I love the way the edges are chipped and although this is meant to be held, at a land impact of 8, its not so bad as a rezzable either. Another cute item nestled in the Beach Street pillow gacha is this RARE Twerk pillow, complete with double bun hairdo and hanging tongue. My favorite hidden machine is the Avairy Coin Purse. Cute...cute...cute! Really sweet textures and nicely constructed with a simple hand hold animation. What girl doesn't need a piggy coin purse! All I can say is, keep visiting and keep looking around, because there is more than meets the eye at this months OMG gacha!

Items From This Months OMG Gacha!
Helmet - Wreckless Helmet (bunnylope) RARE - Gacha Junky
Goggles - BurnWifMe Goggles Pink- Geek
Dress - Chilly Dress - SAKIDE
Armwarmers -  :: TRICOTIN :: Pink/Brown - LOULOU&CO
Bunny Teacup - Bunny Cafe {Earl Grey} RARE - Birdy
Radio - Vintage Radio -Stripes RARE - Bubble
Wand - Kaleido Moon Scope RARE - TSG
Pillow - People Pillow (Twerk) RARE - Beach Street
Coin Purse - Owl Purse (Blueberries & Cream) - Avairy
Coin Purse - Pig Purse (Bubble Gum) - Avairy
Vanity - cositas #5 - Ionic
Mannequin Light -  Thomas Mannison RARE - R(S)W