Thursday, January 23, 2014

Enchanted Fantasy

I headed over to the Fantasy Gacha sim, which is still in set up mode, to take this shot. The event is as big as ever but has a new layout and sim build you are going to really enjoy. The machines are set up in a long line that circles the sim and right down the middle is a large canyon. If you can tear your attention from the machines long enough you will see it is lined with houses down there with really nice water ways and animals walking about. Those first few days wont allow you to experience it very well, so make sure to head back when things quiet down and have a good look around. 

I am also REALLY excited for Enchantment this round. The theme is Little Red Riding Hood and the previews so far are to die for. There are no Gacha allowed at the event but MANY of our favorite gacha makers will have exclusive items there. In this picture I am wearing the outfit Beetlebones is releasing for the event, which opens on the first. The dress is sweet but the prepared to own and love this for a very long time. The hood in the back is perfectly slumped on your back. I am also really loving that Sue took a casual modern approach and made something totally wearable in your everyday second life, but is completely on point for the theme. The sweater and dress come in a pack and have a color change on click. Black, Red, White and Grey options. Below is the gacha featured in this post. All available February 1st at Fantasy Gacha.

Weapon - Primus Glace' Mallet 5.5 (rainbow bright) <Ultra Rare>
Necklace - :: Axix :: Voodoo Necklace F [Red Roses]
Boots - Yasum*MESH*Combat Trash Boots*
Hat - [LJ] Traveler's Hat  - Patchwork (RARE)

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