Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The next round of Fantasy Gacha is coming up February 1st. If you dont know what this event is you are in for a treat. This is not the cute cuddly gacha event you have come to expect, but rather one that transports you with every machine. Here you will find machines for slaves, warriors, fae, royalty, magicians, cyborgs, wanderers, demons, misfits.... you get the idea. For those of us that role play in Second Life, this event has become a major shopping source as some of the best creators flex their gacha muscle and make exclusive content. I picked out a few items from the upcoming event that caught my imagination. 

Featured here is Enfant Terrible with "A Midsummer Nights Dream" gacha. This is for the woodnymph at heart, as it leaves you dressed with objects you would find or craft from the floor of a forest. I have some dark whimsy on my head and knee using pieces from ANC's machine called "Lapin Wear" The items from this machine could cross over into several genres of role play or just be used in your everyday wear. A very versatile collection. I am also wearing Yasum. I often look forward to what this creator comes up with, and this round she does not disappoint with a Steam Ball dress and a pair of leggings that has an artificial thigh. The great thing about her work is you can build on it from all of her past machines, which are out in her mainstore. This is only a small fraction of what is coming up, February 1st at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Ears - {anc} "lapin.wear / headribbon.satin  /RARE - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Crown - .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Flowerband RARE - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Mouth - Yasum*Partet Lips *Pierced Tongue*Gacha Special GIFT - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Necklace - oyasumi / knife necklace / black - Kustom9
Staff - .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Staff Silver ULTRA RARE - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Plushie - {anc} "lapin.wear / No.3 - - Fantasy Gacha Opening Feb. 1st!
Bracelet - .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Apple Bracelet mixed - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Dress - Yasum*MESH*Steam Ball Dress* - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!
Leggings - Yasum*MESH*Space Steam Leggings*RARE* - Fantasy Gacha Coming Soon!

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