Friday, January 3, 2014

OMG! Hidden Gacha!

With so much to choose from at OMG this month, you may have over looked a few things! While you were all clicking away at the Bunny Teacup machine, clearly the event favorite, I found the Vintage Radio machine by Bubble. I love the way the edges are chipped and although this is meant to be held, at a land impact of 8, its not so bad as a rezzable either. Another cute item nestled in the Beach Street pillow gacha is this RARE Twerk pillow, complete with double bun hairdo and hanging tongue. My favorite hidden machine is the Avairy Coin Purse. Cute...cute...cute! Really sweet textures and nicely constructed with a simple hand hold animation. What girl doesn't need a piggy coin purse! All I can say is, keep visiting and keep looking around, because there is more than meets the eye at this months OMG gacha!

Items From This Months OMG Gacha!
Helmet - Wreckless Helmet (bunnylope) RARE - Gacha Junky
Goggles - BurnWifMe Goggles Pink- Geek
Dress - Chilly Dress - SAKIDE
Armwarmers -  :: TRICOTIN :: Pink/Brown - LOULOU&CO
Bunny Teacup - Bunny Cafe {Earl Grey} RARE - Birdy
Radio - Vintage Radio -Stripes RARE - Bubble
Wand - Kaleido Moon Scope RARE - TSG
Pillow - People Pillow (Twerk) RARE - Beach Street
Coin Purse - Owl Purse (Blueberries & Cream) - Avairy
Coin Purse - Pig Purse (Bubble Gum) - Avairy
Vanity - cositas #5 - Ionic
Mannequin Light -  Thomas Mannison RARE - R(S)W

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