Saturday, August 30, 2014

Forest Tale

Halogen adds her special touch to the Arcade with her new machine A Forest Tale. One of the things Half Deer does best is cross breeding! Yes, I said it and its right in the brand name! She has been making us all a little bit woodland animal for years but I just about lost it when I saw what she had done to bunnies for her Arcade gacha. These little guys have the sweetest butterfly wings and a wonderful hold animation. Don't worry about rezzing them either, they are only 1 LI. The jewelry in this set is worth playing for as well. Beads and ribbons mix with metal and other findings making some truly unique accessories. Owl lovers will swoon over the two wide eyed versions in this gacha as well. They have curious blinking eyes and perch themselves sweetly in your hand. Available September 1st , where else but the Arcade!

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