Monday, September 1, 2014

The Darkside

September is one of my favorite Arcade rounds because we always get a little taste of October here and there. Never quite enough if you ask me but this round has some real winners. The reigning kings of the darkside for the Arcade are Remarkable Oblivion and Contraption. RO is just getting started with this set called Melancholy. They have promised an expansion of sorts to be showing up in October. The Arcade pieces, hat, skirt, bracers and collar are masterful in form and texture. You can grab them up in all three colors during the month of September.

Also, tucked away among the cuteness and kids stuff, you can dig up these dark treasures. Half Deer's second machine, the next edition of Kerfuffles. Only these are what you would find grazing on the dead lawn of the Addams Family. Contraption with another set of dreary music boxes for everyone to collect. ISON steps up to the altar with a set of finely made household items. They usually retire their machines so don't let that one pass you by. Theosophy has a clever set of fortune telling machines with a Rare that gives very funny predictions. Good luck trying to get that however, the machine is very stingy with Zoltar.

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