Friday, August 29, 2014

Arcade Junk

The Arcade is two years old this round. I have to admit, after 2 years playing the Arcade, I am not the same player I used to be.One of the big differences is that I have developed very clear favorites with regard to creators. One of those is the brand Junk. They have a very bohemian sensibility which appeals to the deadhead in me, with the added swank of my favorite era, the 1950's. Unique, chic and always a little weathered, Junk is always a go to machine. This round they offer "One Man's Junk" which they described as being little bits of what you might find at a flea market. All I can say is this is one very cool flea market! The pipe phone is really cool and the daybed animations are new and different. The fan RARE is super sweet, you can fill it with your own pictures. Other items featured here you can find in the Junk store.

DRD did a poll on their Facebook page about this machine. Jaimy asked what people would like to see and GEEKS prevailed! Here she has taken gaming to the next level and turned it into a bunch of wearable stuff. I put on my personal favorites for the shot below. Make sure to read all of the little pins and the details on the tablet screen. They are pretty funny. Both of these machines can be found at the Arcade opening September 1st on their brand new region The Arcade or cam shop from their homestead Gacha Galley.

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