Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Call for June Arcade

The June Arcade for 2013 is over in a few hours and as usual I had to make a last run through. Sometimes you don't know what you can't live without until...oh who am I kidding I just love clicking those machines. Here is what I gathered on my last trip to the June Arcade. All of my extras will be available at machine price in the Trailerpark while supplies last.

PIDIDDLE - Bottle Cap Shades - I have to admit, I had no real desire to collect these over the course of the month but after a closer look found them to be quite charming. I made them enormous, because that's just how I roll. This green pair is called  Beijing.

ADORE and ABHOR Drippy Necklace - This machine kicked my ass. It took forever to get the silver rares but finally the coveted RUDE rare in silver came tumbling into my inventory. I am wearing Vicious in this picture but honestly, they are all very cool.
BAIASTICE Leather Cuff Bracelets - I am not sure why I thought I could live without these. The size and detail are perfect to punch up an outfit. A last minute favorite!

SUGAR HEART Sweet Factory Tights - These bright tights are not for wallflowers. Sugary themes and saccharine colors will go a long way for your summer wardrobe. These are the gummy bear green tights peeking out over my legwarmers.

AUXILIARY Leg Warmers - I will be loving these more in the fall but for now I am satisfied to have the complete collection tucked away. The stag one is my personal favorite but I have on the black ones in this shot.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Summer Tote in memory of Mudshake

Today I finally completed my first gacha machine The Summer Tote. The Summer Tote Gacha features four pattern sets and one delicious cherry rare. The bags are special for a couple of reasons, but it is worth pointing out that the base texture for the bags is from the beloved, gone, but not forgotten Mudshake.  Isolahara Catteneo won my heart and patronage many years ago with her bright and unique products. Not only were her products fun and heartfelt, her sim was a joy to walk through. Never opting for vendors, Isolahara had a sim where almost anything you saw was for sale, from the largest structures down to the smallest tray of flowers and ephemera.
After Mudshake closed I quickly gathered all of what I had collected into a neat folder, a ceremony reserved for only my most precious inventory. Among my pile of treasure was a summer texture set which I distinctly recall thinking to myself upon purchase, "What the hell do you need this for?" I had no answer to that question until a few weeks ago when I decided to finally hunker down and get Gacha Junky started.

The Summer Tote Gacha machine is set out at the Trailerpark Gacha Yardsale. The bags have a nice hold animation and come in Pin-up, Stripes, Pebbles and Flower patterns with a  button or bow detail. No Copy, No Mod, Trans at 50L a pull.