Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Rocks!

July starts out with three great events to get you jazzed for summer. On right now is Summerfest and it is packed with fun items and a gacha by O.M.E.N you should hit before it closes. Featured here are Candy Doll heels for Slink high feet. These are the black ones, but I will admit to having purchased six pairs of these. I like to Candy Doll fat packs or multiple colors because the huds all work on each other providing endless variations. The animal print heel and sole on these are to die for. You can also grab the cassette necklace at Summerfest. It is made by Remarkable Oblivion and has tones of detail, is unisex and has a resizer for a perfect fit.

The Sneak Peeks in this post are from OMG Gacha and Rhapsody. These butterfly sunglasses are part of the OMGacha event and are really unique, made by The Forge. OMG Gacha opens July 1st with an incredible line up of creators as well as a beautiful outdoor concert vibe for the venue. Speaking of concerts, Hottie Cooterati has taken the musical route this time around. Their follow up to the amazing event called Cinema, is a music inspired event that covers many genres of music. You will love the custom venue complete with concert posters by Anya Ohmai. There are a few gacha there but the real stars are the bold pieces by creators like Pixicat, Peqe and the Skinnery all featured here. Summer in Second Life is just getting started!

Glasses - [The Forge] Butterfly Sunglasses, Blue RARE - OMG Gacha!
Skin - [theSkinnery] Madge - Glam Party (honey) - Rhapsody
Necklace - RO - RetroCool Cassette Necklace - Summerfest14
Arm Bands - Pixicat- Metal.Armband - Rhapsody
Duster - Peqe - Rock_Black - Rhapsody
Shoes - CandyDoll Windie Black - Slink High - Summerfest14

(missing slurls will be added when the venue allows)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vintage Arcade

Balaclava!! proves to be a master tinkerer again with this release for Level Up! Clear a space for one of these old time arcade games now because they are not likely to end up gathering dust in your inventory. As you stand at the wheel local chat readies you and up to three more players for the race to begin. Your camera will automatically position itself to the perfect spot and a simple rapid click of the up arrow sends you down the track. This piece is thoughtfully made and at home in any interior. It has noises, movement, animation and four player action, what more could you want! Available in a bike race or horse race version.

Seven Emporium always delivers with an unassuming idea. What arcade is complete without a change machine? Boring? I think not. In Second Life its all about the details and once again Seven Emporium provides the final touch. This piece features poses and has a nice change sound when you click it. You can get this, a racing flag and an Arcade Rules sign at Level Up! which opens today at noon slt. Also featured here is a soda dispenser by Consignment. A must have for any racing enthusiast or totally hip greaser. 

The Alchemist's Secret

Kean Kelly is one of the loveliest people I have met in Second Life. Her work reflects her personality to a tee and what would we do without it. I am hard pressed to think of any other Second Life creator that tackles the fine work of glass making to scale on a regular basis. As a miniatures enthusiast for most of my life, I deeply appreciate creators that consider the scale of our virtual space. It is one of those elements that just makes things more real inworld. 

You can find Kean's latest gacha at the Arcade which is running until the end of the month. Past gacha and more can be found at the KeKe mainstore. Other laboratory items shown here can be found at the Mens Department and are made by Soy.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Here is the reality. If you want the ultimate headgear there is only one place in Second Life to find it, Remarkable Oblivion. They have done it again with this latest release for the Level Up! Racing Games event that runs from June 19th - July 5th. Don't get freaked out and think this event isn't for you because it is about racing. Level Up! is a video game themed event with the focus on a different game type each round. This first racing round has everything from hand bags to heels to old time arcade games and themed furniture.

The Speed Demon helmet from Remarkable Oblivion is all grit and polish with fine details front to back. You get open and closed helmets in each, both with materials and no materials options. My racing gear is from a fantastic garage known as 19MC. You can find the suit and mini racer at their Mainstore on the Edo Japan sim along with a fantastic garage theme gacha.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Welcome Home!

You can make friends with anything in Second Life. There is an endless supply of huggable, wearable, attachable, lovable characters. This Friday Mishmish releases a Broccoli companion for Fifty Linden Fridays that will be right at home next to all of your other goofball friends. You can grab those now at the Mishmish Mainstore. If you have not had a chance to get to the Arcade you will be happy to know it is a little easier now to enter. Featured here are Remarkable Oblivion - SugarRush - ChocoHorns RARE, Half Deer Jelly Eyes and Yummy Cocktail Rings.