Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vintage Arcade

Balaclava!! proves to be a master tinkerer again with this release for Level Up! Clear a space for one of these old time arcade games now because they are not likely to end up gathering dust in your inventory. As you stand at the wheel local chat readies you and up to three more players for the race to begin. Your camera will automatically position itself to the perfect spot and a simple rapid click of the up arrow sends you down the track. This piece is thoughtfully made and at home in any interior. It has noises, movement, animation and four player action, what more could you want! Available in a bike race or horse race version.

Seven Emporium always delivers with an unassuming idea. What arcade is complete without a change machine? Boring? I think not. In Second Life its all about the details and once again Seven Emporium provides the final touch. This piece features poses and has a nice change sound when you click it. You can get this, a racing flag and an Arcade Rules sign at Level Up! which opens today at noon slt. Also featured here is a soda dispenser by Consignment. A must have for any racing enthusiast or totally hip greaser. 

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