Thursday, March 27, 2014

Khaleesi Clone

With all the buzz about the upcoming Secret Affair Event being a Game of Thrones theme, not to mention the season premiere of the series, I decided to try and tackle a celebrity make over. Emilia Clarke who plays the Queen of Dragons has a really bold face with some distinct features. As with most avatars in Second Life, the key was finding the right skin and in this case the brow played a big part. The good news for fans and role players is that the Secret Affair Event opening April 6th will provide plenty for your avatar to wear from the series like this Khaleesi Desert Skirt and Top from !gO!. Fans of gacha will be pleased to know that the event allows for one regular item and one gacha machine from each creator. If you want to get a head start and make your own Khaleesi I provided everything you need below. See you at the Secret Affair April 6th!

Do It Yourself Khaleesi Style Card
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Khaleesy/ Light Blonde - Monso Mainstore
Skin: .Birdy. Audrey Skin ~Porcelaine~ (brown) - Birdy Mainstore
Eyes: Amacci Look Eyes - Sage - Amacci Mainstore
Outfit: Khaleesi Desert Skirt and Top from !gO! - Coming Soon to Secret Affair Event
Outfit Option: DRD targaryan  +bloody version - DRD Mainstore 

Do It Yourself Khaleesi Shape Head/Face/Brow Shaper Measurements (body is up to you)

HEAD : Head Size 44, Head Stretch 46, Head Shape 49, Egg Head 70, Head Length 45, Face Sheer 50, Forehead Angle 65, Brow Size 30, Upper Cheeks 16. Lower Cheeks 37, Cheek Bones 68

EYES: Eye Size 45, Eye Opening 35, Eye Spacing 27, Outer Eye Corner 33, Inner Eye Corner 44, Eye Depth 52, Upper Eyelid Fold 0, Eye Bags 25, Puffy Eyelids 0, Eyelash Length 0, Eye Pop 50

NOSE: Nose Size 11, Nose Width 20, Nostril Width 47, Nostril Division 49, Nose Thickness 17, Upper Bridge 59, Bridge Width 21, Nose Tip Angle 22, Nose Tip Shape 40, Crooked Nose 50

MOUTH: Lip Width 17, Lip Fullness 22, Lip Thickness 51, Lip Ratio 53, Mouth Position 25, Mouth Corner 36, Lip Cleft Depth 0, Lip Cleft 2, Shift Mouth 50

CHIN: Chin Angle 77, Jaw Shape 56, Chin Depth 9, Jaw Angle 67, Jaw Jut 48, Jowls 7, Chin Cleft 13, Upper Chin Cleft 9, Chin-Neck 13

Eyebrow Shaper - Eyebrow Size 8, Eyebrow Density 0, Eyebrow Height 51, Eyebrow Arc 0, Eyebrow Points 23 (you can also use the eyebrow shaper that comes with the Audrey skin it is similar)


  1. You did an excellent job with this makeover. Thank you for sharing it!