Friday, March 14, 2014

Bitch with a Bike

I am not really into self deprecating titles but they have always been a trend in Second Life especially for women. I can appreciate when it is well done and placed however, like with this new sash by Remarkable Oblivion which boldly declares Queen Bitch on the sash and a whole lot of badges and awards to back up the statement. You are not really having a Second Life if you don't have some haters on your tail and this pretty much gives you permission to own what it takes to deal with those people. The quality is top notch and it can be found, along with other varieties at Mens Department. In keeping with the theme, I am wearing the heels that DRD made for Whore Couture! Whore Heels come in a dizzying selection of colors. You can grab those anytime between now and March 31st. Being a whore is optional.
The bike in this post is coming soon to the next round of Kustom9. This gacha is made by / XIAJ x ZZANG and will not disappoint gacha junkies! The poses are adorable and the rares featured below each have little additions like groceries or parcels. These are great photo props or decor and not to be missed! 

Gachatopians Featured Here
Pixie NeverWish
Cinder Gothly
Xemina Darkwatch

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