Friday, February 14, 2014

Crazy in Love

Valentines Day is here! Check out these must haves you may want to grab before the day is out. The hair is a Limited 100 from LCKY , it comes with three HUDs with tons of options. It was pretty low when I got mine, so if you like it run! The headband is a group gift from Remarkable Oblivion called Lovestruck. As usual the best headgear in SL. The jacket is from Floor Candy and has great detail on the back too. These flying cupids are hysterical and made by the amazing Jaimy Hancroft for Madpea. They are completely animated from the body to the facial expressions and sure to make you smile. Valentine Vintage signs are by Meadoworks and can be found at the Spread the Love Gacha Event. Now go forth and shop!
❤Happy Valentines Day!❤

Floating Cupids - Cheeky Cupid Gacha - Madpea- Mieville Gacha Event
Vintage Signs Gacha - Meadoworks - Spread the Love Gacha Event

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