Monday, December 30, 2013

Gacha New Year!

It has been an incredible year for gacha and it ends with a bang! Creators threw down in December at The Arcade, with things for every room in your home. No kitchen, living room or dark room will be the same again as this landmark round tapped your every household need. Some of my favorites came from new creators to the event. 8f8's Post Apocalyptic Tree Gacha is now a prized possession. The names of the ornaments, the flashlight tree topper and the cinder block base won me over right away. Erratic's Hot Chocolate Bar was another that really impressed. We have had sweet bars before but this one has all of the detail and great texturing that make it a classic. For my post here I assembled a bunch of things in my usual clutter bug fashion. The main feature? The new Remarkable Oblivion machine coming to OMG gacha in a few days. This Daiquiri RARE that I am holding is really everything you come to Second Life for. Imagination oozes from this cocktail umbrella that you would normally find in a bar drink. It has that little weird white top that is made of mystery material in rl and it has all of those fragile spokes that break after you have abused it playing...look I have a teeny tiny umbrella! No detail is left out, this even has the little orange stopper that keeps the umbrella open in your drink...BUT! You will love the animation in these beauties as both hands grip it and start to twirl. Other OMG items here are from Mango Cheeks, Gacha Junky and Tenjin. OMG gacha is set in a winter paradise this round. It starts on January 1st. 

Non Gacha Items
Slide Projector - 7 Emporium - Fifty Linden Friday
Scarf - Shifter Scarf *knit light* - Contraption - Limited Bizaare

Wearable Gacha
Party Hat and Glasses - Party set RARE silver - DRD - Deathrow
Umbrella - Daiquiri RARE - Remarkable Oblivion - OMG Gacha
Tattoos - Soul and Princess - Tenjin - OMG Gacha
Coat - Willow Coat Solid Ruby - Elate! - Arcade
Camera - lomo camera-love RARE - bbqq - Arcade

Rezzed Gacha
Sled - Wreckless Sled (rose) - Gacha Junky - OMG Gacha
Cat - Meow Head Warmer: Grumpy RARE Mango Cheeks - OMG Gacha
Elf - Bozo - DRD - Merry Crisis Gacha Fair
Yak - Winter Yak - Fairylights RARE - Half Deer - The Garden
Wooden Guy - Miserable RARE - Kuro - The Garden
Rug - Braided Floor Rug - Multi RARE - Free Bird - 
Puffin - Arctic Friends Puffin (RARE) - Beetlebones - Mainstore
Turtle Plant - fatty turtle - ISON - Arcade
Recorder - ATR (Antique) RARE - Standby - Arcade
Light - Fancy Chandelier - Olive - Arcade
Cookies - Christmas Cookies - Apple Fall - Arcade
Cereal - bowl of cereal - Art Dummy - Arcade
Chair - Modernis Chair v.1.2 - One Grid - Arcade
Castle - My Fairytale - Evil Queen's Domain  - RARE - OMEN - Arcade
Table - Modernis Table - One Grid - Arcade
Wire Tree - Post Apocalyptic Tree Set - 8f8 - Arcade
Phone -  Retro 80's F-Phone Case -Invaders- RARE - FAUN - Kustom9