Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gacha Studio

Crazy awesomeness coming up from Remarkable Oblivion... Here is a sneak peek of the new spring headphones. The Cat-A-Clysm  version shown here in peach and black are an easy wear anytime but people who need some extra kapow will love the rabbit eared version, both available April 1st at Fameshed. The glasses in the bottom picture are sleek in gold, but they will come in three other options at next months second anniversary of the Mens Department
The Secret Affair is coming on April 6th and there you will find the black robe in the picture below. [Stitched] made this as a tunic and pant set for men, but I couldnt help wearing the top as a dress for this shot. The necklace is by Devious Mind. It is a rare in their upcoming Secret Affair gacha. Start saving your lindens, April is calling!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Khaleesi Clone

With all the buzz about the upcoming Secret Affair Event being a Game of Thrones theme, not to mention the season premiere of the series, I decided to try and tackle a celebrity make over. Emilia Clarke who plays the Queen of Dragons has a really bold face with some distinct features. As with most avatars in Second Life, the key was finding the right skin and in this case the brow played a big part. The good news for fans and role players is that the Secret Affair Event opening April 6th will provide plenty for your avatar to wear from the series like this Khaleesi Desert Skirt and Top from !gO!. Fans of gacha will be pleased to know that the event allows for one regular item and one gacha machine from each creator. If you want to get a head start and make your own Khaleesi I provided everything you need below. See you at the Secret Affair April 6th!

Do It Yourself Khaleesi Style Card
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Khaleesy/ Light Blonde - Monso Mainstore
Skin: .Birdy. Audrey Skin ~Porcelaine~ (brown) - Birdy Mainstore
Eyes: Amacci Look Eyes - Sage - Amacci Mainstore
Outfit: Khaleesi Desert Skirt and Top from !gO! - Coming Soon to Secret Affair Event
Outfit Option: DRD targaryan  +bloody version - DRD Mainstore 

Do It Yourself Khaleesi Shape Head/Face/Brow Shaper Measurements (body is up to you)

HEAD : Head Size 44, Head Stretch 46, Head Shape 49, Egg Head 70, Head Length 45, Face Sheer 50, Forehead Angle 65, Brow Size 30, Upper Cheeks 16. Lower Cheeks 37, Cheek Bones 68

EYES: Eye Size 45, Eye Opening 35, Eye Spacing 27, Outer Eye Corner 33, Inner Eye Corner 44, Eye Depth 52, Upper Eyelid Fold 0, Eye Bags 25, Puffy Eyelids 0, Eyelash Length 0, Eye Pop 50

NOSE: Nose Size 11, Nose Width 20, Nostril Width 47, Nostril Division 49, Nose Thickness 17, Upper Bridge 59, Bridge Width 21, Nose Tip Angle 22, Nose Tip Shape 40, Crooked Nose 50

MOUTH: Lip Width 17, Lip Fullness 22, Lip Thickness 51, Lip Ratio 53, Mouth Position 25, Mouth Corner 36, Lip Cleft Depth 0, Lip Cleft 2, Shift Mouth 50

CHIN: Chin Angle 77, Jaw Shape 56, Chin Depth 9, Jaw Angle 67, Jaw Jut 48, Jowls 7, Chin Cleft 13, Upper Chin Cleft 9, Chin-Neck 13

Eyebrow Shaper - Eyebrow Size 8, Eyebrow Density 0, Eyebrow Height 51, Eyebrow Arc 0, Eyebrow Points 23 (you can also use the eyebrow shaper that comes with the Audrey skin it is similar)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Octopipe Jetpack Laser Funpants

Balaclava just makes everything more FUN. I don't know what it is, the idea seems simple enough, but everything Uriah makes just ends up an instant classic. Run, do not walk, to get this latest release from Captain Funpants himself at the Balaclava!! mainstore. The Jetpack has 4 speeds, it comes with a laser and great action poses! Picture taken at Gachatopia! The Land of Gacha!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bitch with a Bike

I am not really into self deprecating titles but they have always been a trend in Second Life especially for women. I can appreciate when it is well done and placed however, like with this new sash by Remarkable Oblivion which boldly declares Queen Bitch on the sash and a whole lot of badges and awards to back up the statement. You are not really having a Second Life if you don't have some haters on your tail and this pretty much gives you permission to own what it takes to deal with those people. The quality is top notch and it can be found, along with other varieties at Mens Department. In keeping with the theme, I am wearing the heels that DRD made for Whore Couture! Whore Heels come in a dizzying selection of colors. You can grab those anytime between now and March 31st. Being a whore is optional.
The bike in this post is coming soon to the next round of Kustom9. This gacha is made by / XIAJ x ZZANG and will not disappoint gacha junkies! The poses are adorable and the rares featured below each have little additions like groceries or parcels. These are great photo props or decor and not to be missed! 

Gachatopians Featured Here
Pixie NeverWish
Cinder Gothly
Xemina Darkwatch

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Arcade Review

This March Arcade is all about spring and for those of us suffering in some harsh real life winter climates, it has been a welcome escape. Machines like 8f8, Lark and Pixel Mode will have you playing for complete sets. The great news is, the machines this round, over all, play wonderfully. The rate to which rares come out is not that frustrating. Everyone involved in gacha knows by now that people play a machine for what they want out of it. It looks like many of the Arcade creators have realized a reasonable rare setting is good for everyone. Getting those extra thousand plus linden out of a player by making the rare rate too low just makes people fee ripped off. Setting a machine right can be the difference between rabidly loyal fans and luke warm fans who dread wanting anything from a machine that a particular creator has made. That being said, this March Arcade has been totally pleasurable. I walked away very happy from most machines with out too much excess plus rares to barter with. 

I was not keen on the "coupon" rares that some creators adopted this round. It caused a lot of confusion and in the end you were left with a no trans item. Losing the freedom to try something on, or use it for a picture or for some length of time, then not have the option to trade it was lost on me. Especially for machines that are also set very difficult in the first place. In the end, trans coupon or not, the final product was a no trans item and that I felt skirted the rules a bit. Trust me, you dont need any gimmicks to get gacha junkies to spend linden or keep them from reselling something. If the item is fantastic, they will shell out more than they should and wont be giving it up.

Arcade Gacha Shown Here
Surf Co. – Stuff for the Beach + Home
8f8 – My Imaginary Garden
Lark – Farmers Market
Pixel Mode – The Happy Gardener
Silent Sparrow – Snugglewarmers
Tres Blah – Spring Living
Ingenue – Pandora Flats

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Morbid's Salon of Beauty

Very early on during the planning of Gachatopia we had a salon and a barber shop for the sim. It was a way to add a little more fifties flair, in the way that Luke's other builds had, like the Diner. As usual we were sidetracked and went off in some other wayward direction, which is our habit. Gachatopia will always be in a constant state of creation for us. We do what makes us happy and if people also enjoy it that is a huge bonus for us. This salon is my new joy and it could not have happened without the Floorplan Salon Gacha. Filling up a salon in the past would be really hard on any prim budget but this set, out at the March Arcade, can make your beauty dreams come true with hardly a dent in your land impact. Other rezzable gacha included here, What Next Spring Clean Gacha , OMEN Dear John Gacha, treh blah Spring Living Gacha and Anc Butterfly Dream Gacha. Also new here is the MudHoney Benson Mirrors from Mens Department.

About the outfit, YES this is the controversial UFO Tea Party with Alice Naughty Bunny jumper but the NEW version. If you didn't like the "shading" on the old one you will be very pleased to know you can exchange yours for this "clean" version by bringing your coupon in to the shop and retrieving another. Other wearables include Truth Maiko hair Gacha. Also new on my avatar are the Blah. (My Elevated Getas) from the Whore Couture Fair

Monday, March 3, 2014

Just a little Panda Monium

Pandas never get old. From the time of the first Arcade in September 2012 till now, you can be sure there will be a panda in a somewhere beckoning you to play and play some more....

Here's me wearing and rezzing what I found in my inventory when I searched 'panda'. The result is shocking. I suspect I may have to get some therapy for this. Or at least get rid of the Pandenablers.

Yes... I know it was a really bad pun dere...

Ok I better stop before I get bambooed.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg....
List of Panda Loot:
~Tableau Vivant~ Petit Hair - Blacks with Takuma the Panda
.Birdy. Puggly {Panda}

Sway's hot-water bottle [Cuddle] panda RARE

[CT] Bumper Car - Panda - RARE
O.M.E.N - Arcade - Panda Sushi Set - Panda Buns RARE (retired)

Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Squee the Panda

!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MrPanda. Curry] (retired)
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MsPanda. Garlic Powder] (retired)
::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Panda)

*N*KnitCap Panda#3 - NAMINOKE
[AUX] Zoo Friend Scarf - Panda - AUXILLARY
RO - Umbrella - Panda - Oh My Gacha! (finished)

Culprit Bouncy Pandaripoo - Culprit Furniture and Prefabs
/ XIAJ x Tyler Park / Panda Bear Sneakers - Shoetopia 2013 (finished)