Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Move Along

The Arcade has never seen a bloodier, more violent submission to the event than this Zombie Apocalypse Gacha by Death Row Designs. Be prepared to play when you step up to this gacha in March. Every single piece is worth having, and while they work great together, these are all stand alone wearable's. I am only wearing a fraction of what the machine has to offer, but the substantial weight and detail of these mesh pieces really transform your avatar. Fans of The Walking Dead will enjoy a nod to the series when they find a can of pudding peaking out the back of this enormous back pack. There is even more than great items at work here however. DRD has included male and female versions for all of the pieces that need them. It is thoughtful things like that which make gacha lovers swell with loyalty to a brand.

Gacha Featured Here
Backpack - DRD -zombie apoc - backpack FEMALE - Coming Soon to the Arcade
Armblade - DRD -zombie apoc - armblade Female - Coming Soon to the Arcade
Watch - DRD -zombie apoc - compass and watch female - Coming Soon to the Arcade
Belt - DRD -zombie apoc - belt  the end - Coming Soon to the Arcade
Leg Strap - DRD -zombie apoc - survival legstrap - Coming Soon to the Arcade
Boots - worn combats female medium  bloody - Coming Soon to the Arcade
Poses - RACK Poses - Veni, vidi, vici! Female Poses - Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Friday, February 14, 2014

Crazy in Love

Valentines Day is here! Check out these must haves you may want to grab before the day is out. The hair is a Limited 100 from LCKY , it comes with three HUDs with tons of options. It was pretty low when I got mine, so if you like it run! The headband is a group gift from Remarkable Oblivion called Lovestruck. As usual the best headgear in SL. The jacket is from Floor Candy and has great detail on the back too. These flying cupids are hysterical and made by the amazing Jaimy Hancroft for Madpea. They are completely animated from the body to the facial expressions and sure to make you smile. Valentine Vintage signs are by Meadoworks and can be found at the Spread the Love Gacha Event. Now go forth and shop!
❤Happy Valentines Day!❤

Floating Cupids - Cheeky Cupid Gacha - Madpea- Mieville Gacha Event
Vintage Signs Gacha - Meadoworks - Spread the Love Gacha Event

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentines Swag

When the talk about Mingle began most people were pretty well confused as to what it was all about. Still, the previews of items from our favorite creators kept popping up on Flickr and we waited patiently for the answer...What is Mingle? Once I landed and started playing, it all became clear why there was no clear explanation. It is not easy to explain and you know what? Most totally original bright ideas aren't. Enter the sim and receive your hud, follow the instructions and I guarantee you, you will walk out with a smile and very likely have met someone new along the way. Mingle is to be experienced and so, before the month is out, go and try it. 
This is what you came to SL for, a happy escape.

Non Gacha Featured Here
This is literally ALL the swag from Mingle. Everything you can buy, win along the way and get for free at the end is here in one way or another. All that was left out were more tee shirts, duplicate items in other colors, and what you cant see I am wearing, like the awesome typer from Cheshire Soft.

Gacha Featured Here
Shoulder Owl - d-lab owl (wear) shoulder 11 mesh - Mainstore