Saturday, October 26, 2013

Twisted Enchantment

Everyone loves one fairytale or another and that is what makes this new event Enchantment kind of exciting. The event will be held every three months and feature a new fairytale each go around...and arent we all just dying for Alice in Wonderland! There are no gacha machines in this first round, which is all about Snow White, but there is also no shortage of great items to get your imagination going and pair up with the gacha you already have. Another plus is that every item is brand new and exclusive, never to be sold again. Here is my modern Snow White in kicky shorts with a pile of loot to protect and a not so happy ending!

Head Bow - Remarkable Oblivion - Briar Bow Headband - Mainstore
Make Up and Lashes - MIASNOW Makeup - CANDY - Available at Horrorfest
Shorts - {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts - Mainstore
Head Weapons - Backwoods Mafia - Head Weapons GACHA - Available at Horrorfest
Giant Scissor - DECO - Fateful Threadcutter (HORROR  EDITION) - Available at Horrorfest

Wearables from Enchantment on November 1st
Hair Comb - +Half-Deer+ Poison-laced Hair Comb - Available at Enchantment
Skin - .Birdy. Snow Skin ~Pure~ Kissed - Available at Enchantment
Nom and Necklace - . a i s l i n g . Deadly.Apple - Available at Enchantment
Top - [Plastik] - Enchanted-Snow White Formal - Available at Enchantment
Ring - Mad' - La Pomme Amour - Available at Enchantment

Wood Animals - +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals GACHA - Mainstore
Fantasy Direction Sign - HopScotch - Get your Geek On GACHA - Mainstore
Purple Box - O.M.E.N - O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Snow White -  Heart Box - Retired
Pumpkins - 11th Hour - Pumpkin GACHA - Available at Fantasy Gacha Fair
Lantern - O.M.E.N - Halloween Treats GACHA- Mainstore

Rezzables from Enchantment on November 1st
Bags of gems - .a i s l i n g .- Comes with the Mine Crafters Bed - Available at Enchantment
Snow White Book -  Comes with the Mine Crafters Bed - Available at Enchantment
Snow White Painting - . a i s l i n g .  The Poisoned Apple frame - Available at Enchantment
Bookshelf - O.M.E.N - Enchanted Book Shelf - Wood - Available at Enchantment

Monday, October 21, 2013

Vanity Carnival

Lark creator Sienia Trevellion hates clowns but you would not know it from her latest Gacha. Every clown rattle has a calssic circus jingle that loops as your avi shakes it with maddening repetition. You may look at this machine and I really need a clown rattle? All I can say is try one, you will want them all! You can have at this machine for 35L at Horrorfest. This event benifets The Epilepsy Therapy Project.

Skin - Miasnow - CANDY Clown - Available now at Horrorfest
Makeup - Miasnow - Lips Pack and Fright Night Set 1 - Available now at Horrorfest
Scissors - Backwoods Mafia - Headpieces Gacha - Siccors in head - Available now at Horrorfest
Corset - DRBC - Bettie Boo Corset Gacha - Corpse Bride RARE - Available now at Horrorfest
Mask - Remarkable Oblivion - 13 Remarkable Nights of Oblivion - Mask 1 - Main Store Raffle
Head Bucket - BALACLAVA!! Chopped Head Lantern - Available now at Horrorfest
Parasol - CatniP - Halloween Parasol Gacha - Tricky Parasol - Available now at OMG Gacha
Jar of Blood - Gacha Junky - DRD Freebie - Available now at DRD Halloween Gacha
Carpet - [ bubble ] - Halloween Rug Gacha - Green Spiderweb Round - Available now at Horrorfest
Glass Tray - O.M.E.N. - Fairytales Gacha - Snow White -  Glass Tray RARE - Retired
Clown Pants - Avatar Bizarre - Clown Pants Gacha - Clown Pants Yellow and Red - Mainstore
Dress Form - Schadenfreude - Dress Form Gacha - Dark Angel RARE - Mainstore

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Witches Table

The Witches Table looks friendly at first glance, but with her extensive knowledge of deadly herbs and her impulsive desire to just never know. For her coven sisters she offers the Halloween Treats Gacha by O.M.E.N. Available in the mainstore through October. After that they are rumored to be disappearing... This machine was a total pleasure to play and clearly made by a creator who loves making Gacha machines. For the Witches foes, she offers The Black Widow Tea Set by Gacha Junky. Five deadly poisons and one secret rare available tomorrow at the DRD Halloween Gacha Event

Featured Gacha:
Chair and Framed Pictures - Ionic - Horror Story Gacha - Available at the Legion Spooktacular Event
Coven Sign - Ionic - Avada Kedavra Gacha - Available at The Chapter Four
Harry Porker Piglet - Anya Ohmai - Teacup Piglets Gacha - Available at her Mainstore
Chocolate Frog - Beetlebones - Wizarding Frogs Gacha - Available at The Wizarding Faire
Cakes and Cake Stands - O.M.E.N - Halloween Treats Gacha - Available at the O.M.E.N Mainstore
Candy Apples - Two Cats one Cup - Candy Apple Gacha - Available at the TC Mainstore
Tea Set - Gacha Junky - Black Widow Tea Set Gacha - Available at DRD Halloween Gacha Event
Embroidery - Lark - Embroidery Gacha - Available at Lark's Mainstore
Witch Hat - Remarkable Oblivion - Magician Hat Gacha - Available at OMG Gacha Event

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Witches Yardsale

One thing I learned this month was that Gachatopians love gacha 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...just like me. It doesn't take but 2 or 3 machines at an event to get us there, and when we find one like the Beetlebones Wizarding Frogs & Toads gacha, we can be happy for days, playing, trading, selling and buying. Suetabulous Yootz deserves a load of credit for creating a machine that has everything we look for. The overall product has unique texturing, shapes and sounds, which might have been enough for most but Sue wows us with rez frogs, holding frogs, one that gives an item, one that has animated babies coming out of its back and a potion that "turns you into" a frog avi. All that, combined with a reasonable rare setting and the gacha price of 75L. Well it was love at first click. The toad featured here in this picture is the Cow toad, complete with udder. Click this guy and you get a delicious glass of toad milk for your avi to enjoy. This machine can be found at the Wizarding Faire from now until October 20th.

These items are at the Wizarding Faire
O.M.E.N - Wizarding Table
!Reliquary! - The Fire Whiskey & Pumpkin Juice Set
:{Atomic}: Ingredients Jars, Cauldron - Large
Consignment - The Spell-o d'Cauldron, The Edinbure Manuscript,  Skull of a Cheeky Pea Jar, The Brain of a Linden Jar
Beetlebones - Wizarding Cow Toad Gacha

Hat - Gacha Junky - Maladjusted Helmet (booger) - OMG Gacha Event
Mouth Nom - DownDownDown - Candy Gacha Syringe(pumpkin) - Flux Dia De Los Muertos Event
Pants - Psycho78 - Ladies Baggy Cargo Shorts-pink plaid- Gacha RARE - Gachatopia 
Bag - Monkey Banana - Kankan Bag Gacha (Cat) - Monkey Banana
Sneaks - Vershe -  T3 Gacha (Monstah) RARE - Legion Events Spooktacular!